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Black Power Encyclopedia [2 volumes]: From "Black Is Beautiful" to Urban Uprisings (Movements of the American Mosaic) 

by Akinyele Umoja (Editor), Karin L. Stanford (Editor), Jasmin A. Young (Editor)

An invaluable resource that documents the Black Power Movement by its cultural representation and promotion of self-determination and self-defense, and showcases the movement's influence on Black communities in America from 1965 to the mid-1970s.

  • Gives students and general readers a comprehensive overview of the Black Power Movement and an understanding of its importance within the turbulence and politics of the 1960s and 1970s in the United States as well as in the context of modern-day civil rights
  • Provides insight into important concepts such as Black self-determination, Black consciousness, independent Black politics, and independent institutions
  • Features contributions from premier Black Power scholars as well as Black Power activists
  • Offers topical and biographical entries, a timeline of events, and a bibliography of key print and nonprint sources of additional information

Available on Amazon

ISBN-13: 978-1440840067
ISBN-10: 1440840067

Black Women’s Portrayals on Reality Television: The New Sapphire
Edited by Donnetrice C. Allison
This book critically analyzes the portrayals of Black women in current reality this manufactured world of reality television.  
Purchase Book Here

Black Culture and Experience 
by Venise T. Berry and Anita Fleming-Rife and Ayo Dayo 
Black Culture and Experience: Contemporary Issues" offers a holistic look at Black culture in the twenty-first century.  Purchase it here.

Manifesting the Divine takes a novel look at life in late modernity, with specific focus on the 1990s and the global events that occurred during that momentous decade. It also investigates the godbody movement and seeks to find ways for it to answer the mounting racial tensions existing in the United States, finding the root of these tensions in a revival of racist theories that have become inherent within the system of their government.  Purchase book here.

Angie Brown is a romance migration novel set in the Jim Crow era. Angie, the protagonist, determines to embrace all life has to offer despite the social restrictions facing young black southern women like her. Angie holds fast to her desire to find financial success, personal fulfillment, and true love, but she does not achieve her dreams alone, nor do they unfold in the same place.  By Lillian Jones Horace.  Purchase book here

Being Apart: Theoretical and Existential Resistance in Africana Literature
In Being Apart, LaRose Parris draws on traditional and radical Western theory to emphasize nineteenth- and twentieth-century Africana thought. 
Buy it here.

The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People 
Julian E. Kunnie
This volume examines the many pitfalls of globalization from the perspective of impoverished and indigenous peoples. Purchase book here.

Thinking in Public provides a probing and provocative meditation on the intellectual life and legacy of Jacques Roumain. As a work of intellectual history, the book investigates the intersections of religious ideas, secular humanism, and development within the framework of Roumain's public intellectualism and cultural criticism embodied in his prolific writings.  By Celucien L. Joseph
Purchase book here.

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