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Voice of Black Studies Blog
Wednesday, January 27 2016
Trashing the World with Trump: Mirroring the Monster Side of America

Surely, it is not sacrilegious to assert or even unpatriotic to affirm what history and current practice already prove: that "America the Beautiful" has an ugly side, indeed a monster side, in spite of its songs, tweets, Facebook "likes" and general propaganda of self-praise. Such a Janus-faced, two faced, character was present at the beginning of America’s creation, but its "beautiful" side was put forth as the whole of what it was. The image was cultivated with racial and religious arrogance, untruth and exaggeration, recruiting religious language and leaders to support its claims to other peoples’ lands, lives and resources through conquest, colonization, enslavement and occupation. And in the midst of all this destruction, there was/is a studied denial of the devastation being imposed on the targeted people in these systems of suppression and slaughter, whether at home or abroad.  Read Full Text

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Tuesday, January 26 2016

The passing of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (1935-2016) calls on us to pause and pay rightful homage to her—this accomplished and committed psychiatrist, activist-intellectual, au-thor, way-opener and African woman of great weight and worth in the world. She audaciously and defiantly inserted herself in the annals of psychiatry and behavioral science and in the re-sistance discourse of Black people with her con-troversial and influential "The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Su-premacy)". And she would, amidst continued consternation from some and increasing admira-tion from others, dare to extend and deepen dis-cussion of this provocative theory in her major work The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors. She chose Isis as the divine, moral and social image and ideal for the title of her major work. We praise her, then, as Isis Ascendant, herself, moulder and maker of men, women and chil-dren, restorer, protector and preserver of the people; she who "admires truth and justice and made justice stronger than gold and silver", as she states in her preface.

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Friday, January 08 2016
Revolution, Repression and Resistance in Haiti: Lessons of History, Life and Struggle by Dr. Maulana Karenga

ON THIS 212TH ANNIVERSARY of the triumph of the Haitian Revolution and the Declara-tion of Independence January 1, 1804, it is good to pause and reflect on its awesome meaning and measure, for it is, like African history as a whole, a sacred narrative, replete with lessons of history, life and struggle unsurpassed and second to none, if read and remembered rightly. Let us pay due and rightful homage to the brave, resili-ent and resourceful people of Haiti who defiant-ly celebrate this 212th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution in the midst of a continuing brutal occupation conducted under the deceptive and destructive camouflage and cover of a so-called U.N. "mission". Let us also acknowledge their long and undeserved suffering and suppression under the radical evil of imperialist oppression by the U.S., France and Canada and their local puppets, handmaidens and hirelings, and offer whatever support we can to the Haitian people in Haiti and here in the U.S. in their righteous and relentless struggle. And let us pay due and rightful homage to the historical and current Boukmans, Fatimas, Dessalines, Toussaints and others of the first, second, third and endless waves of revolution and righteous resistance. For truly they have carved out and maintained a special space in the history of the struggle for African and human freedom in the world.
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Friday, January 01 2016
The Sacred Narrative of Nat Turner by Dr. Maulana Karenga. Part II

PART II. THE birth and coming-into-being of Nat Turner (October 2, 1800) was surely a bad omen for the oppressor but a sign and wonder for the oppressed. But even though Nat Turner is born in the midst of the severe, savage and inhuman oppression, which we rightly call the Holocaust of enslavement, and he is seen and treated as special by his parents and his people, he must himself come into consciousness of his and their oppression, of the radical evil and injustice of the enslavement, and decide to resist. He began at an early age sensing he had a special and divine mission of liberation. Thus, he began preparing for it. In his narrative of struggle, he tells us the people believed and told him, "I surely would be a prophet". And "my father and mother strengthened me in this….saying in my presence I was intended for some great purpose". Likewise he reports that both Blacks and Whites had said of him "that I had too much sense to be raised (trained as a salve) and if I was, I would never be of any use to anyone as a slave".
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