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Voice of Black Studies Blog
Monday, April 20 2015

I hope you were among the audience members on March 14th in LA who attended a Special Session presentation of Project Unspeakable during the NCBS Annual Conference, or perhaps you were a volunteer reader! In any event, it was a privilege to stage a Documentary Script reading with the NCBS community. we’ve heard some good feedback. We now invite you, as individual members of the NCBS scholarly and activist community, to consider organizing or co-organizing a reading for your local academic community, perhaps in collaboration with your school’s Theater Department and/or the general public.

Project Unspeakable is an empowering, community-building initiative that uses theater to challenge the official silence that for decades has surrounded the “unspeakable” assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy. We also aim to shed light on the “unspeakables” of today; school-to-prison pipelines, police brutality, mass surveillance, extreme economic divides and covered-up crimes that have led to or worsened the multiple crises that currently beset our country and the world.

In the broadest sense, Project Unspeakable is an attempt to liberate the truth, so the truth can liberate us. For more information on the organization, please check out our website

As a first step towards possibly organizing a reading of one of the versions of the Documentary Script (varying in length from approximately 45 minutes to 130 minutes), please click HERE to learn more about the scripts and contact us to request a digital copy.

In this 50th Anniversary Year of Malcolm X’s assassination, we especially hope to have readings sponsored by Black Studies associations in colleges and universities across the country, in living rooms and local churches, mosques or theaters, to honor the life and work of Malcolm X. These Memorial readings or theatrical performances can take place now through the spring of 2016. There have been over 30 readings since November, 2013, and Project Unspeakable was honored to perform a few selected scenes from a Theatrical Version of the script (now in development) during the Malcolm X 50th Memorial Anniversary event at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Center in Harlem, NY on Feb. 21st. We hope to see a fully realized theatrical production during 2016!

We hope to hear from you soon. Please do check out the website at and feel free to contact me at I’d be happy to speak with you about any aspects of the work.

Posted by: Ivan Ussach, Outreach Director, Project Unspeakable AT 03:09 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email

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