Power and Authority

 The Bylaws shall be subject to the Constitution of the National Council for Black Studies, Inc.


Executive Board

 Section 1.    The members of the Executive Board shall be comprised of the Officers and Student Representatives.

Section 2.    Election of Board Members President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the membership of the Council. (See NCBS Constitution Article III)

Section 3.    General Board Members General Membership of the Board of Directors shall not exceed twenty-five members.

Section 4.    Student representatives. The Board shall appoint five student representatives. They shall come from different Geographical regions.

Section 5.    Vacancies on the Board by reason of death or resignation or removal for cause shall be filled at the next Board meeting.

Section 6.    Terms of office end June 30th and begin July 1st.


Duties of Executive Board

 Section 1.    The duties of the Executive Board are limited to those delegated to it by the Constitution.  Bylaws and/or by formal actions of a meeting of NCBS.

Section 2.    It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to:

  1. Develop policy and procedures to carry-out objectives of the organization;
  2. Authorize the acquisition and disposition of equipment and other properties;
  3. Determine the dues of the membership of the


Duties of the Officers of the Board

 Section 1.    The President shall:

  1. Convene the Executive Board, preside over all meetings, and perform such other duties deemed necessary to carry out the expresses wishes of the NCBSCouncil;
  2. Appoint the committees deemed necessary to execute the business of the board, with the approval of Executive Board;
  3. Submit annual progress reports to the Executive Board regarding the Council

Section 2.    The Vice-President shall:

  1. Conduct meetings at the Executive Board in the absence of the President and perform such duties as may be designated by the President;
  2. Chair and coordinate the annual conference committee,
  3. Submit progress reports on the status of the conference planning committee to the Executive board;

Section 3.    The Secretary Shall:

  1. Provide notification of the Board meeting and all relevant materials necessary for that meeting to all members of the Board prior to Board meetings;
  2. Be responsible for approving all minutes of the
  3. Ensure that minutes be distribute to each member of the Board within 30 days of the conclusion of the meeting.

Section 4.    The Treasurer shall:

  1. Keep accounts of all monies of NCBS received or
  2. Ensure that all the monies in the name of and to the credit of NCBS are deposited in such banks and depositories, as the Executive Board shall designate, subject to withdrawal in the manner to be determined by the Executive
  3. Ensured that NCBS records are reconciled with monthly bank statements, with reports prepared quarterly or upon special request to the Executive
  4. File appropriate year-end
  5. Keep financial records up-to-date and available for inspection by the Executive Board upon request.
  6. Taxes form—File income tax returns each year a designated for non-


Removal of Officers for Cause

 Section 1.    Officers of the Board may be removed for cause. Cause will be defined failure to perform the duties described in the Bylaws and/or failure to adhere to policies and procedure established by the Board.


Committees of the Board

 Section 1.    All members appointed to the Board of Directors must serve as a chairperson or vice chairperson of a committee.

Section 2.    The NCBS President shall make appointments to all standing committees at the annual mid-year of the Executive Board, with the consent of the Board. The president should ensure that adequate regional representation occurs on all committees.

Section 3.    The standing committees of the Board shall include, but are not limited, the following:

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Program Review & Curriculum Committee
  3. Conference Committee
  4. Election & Governance Committee
  5. Membership & Outreach Committee
  6. Public Policy & Advocacy Committee
  7. Student Committee
  8. Civic Engagement & Community Committee

Section 4. Ad Hoc Committees shall be established as necessary to carry out the goals of NCBS.


Executive Director

 Section 1.    The Executive Director shall:

A)  Be appointed by the Executive Board and shall be responsible to the Executive Board
B)  The Executive Director shall appoint the staff of the National Office with the consent of the Executive Board.
Make an annual report to the Board
In case of a temporary vacancy in the office of Executive Director an Acting Executive Director may be appointed to serve until the Board appoints a new Executive Director.



 Section 1.    Membership shall consist of paid members for the fiscal year July 1st to June 30th.



 Section 1.    These Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board and subject to NCBS Constitution and the Charter of Corporation.