NCBS was established in 1975 by African American scholars who recognized the need to formalize the study of the African World experience, as well as expand and strengthen academic units and community programs devoted to this endeavor.  NCBS was formed in 1975 out of the substantial need for a national stabilizing force in the developing discipline of Africana/Black Studies.  Since the late 1960’s, American education has been profoundly affected by the emergence of Africana/Black Studies. Its impact on the broader educational establishment is due to the holistic and multidisciplinary approach taken by Africana Studies has become the intellectual extension of that movement.  The National Council for Black Studies is committed to academic excellence and social responsibility.

NCBS seeks to:

  • Facilitate through consultation and other services, the recruitment of Black Scholars for all levels of teaching and research in universities and colleges;
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of multicultural education programs and materials for K-12 schools and higher education institutions;
  • Promote scholarly African-centered research on all aspects of the African World experience;
  • Increase and improve informational resources on Pan-African life and culture to be made available to the general public;
  • Provide professional advice to policymakers in education, government and community development;
  • Maintain international linkages among Africana Studies scholars;
  • Work for the empowerment of African People.