Volume 14, No.1; Spring-Summer 2008


Special Issue:  Sustaining Black Studies in the 21st Century

Marilyn M. Thomas-Houston, Special Issue Editor

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This Special Issue Nine (9) Questions Related to Sustaining Black Studies with multiple position papers to support each question followed by discussion:

Questions One:  How Far Have We Come in Institutionalizing Black Studies, and How Far Do We Have To Go?  What Efforts Must Be Made To Move The Field From The Periphery of Academia to the Core?  3 Position Papers

Question Two:  What Is/Should Be The Relationship Between Black Studies and Critical Race Studies, Diaspora Studies, African Studies, Afro-Latino(A) Studies, and Africana Women’s Studies?  3 Position Papers

Question Three:  What Direction Should New Scholarship in Class, Internationalism, and Environmental Justice? 4 Position Papers

Question Four:  What Funding Alternatives Are Needed To Assist in Sustaining Black Studies?  2 Position Papers

Question Five:  Do National Black Studies Organizations Have a Role to Play in the Institutionalization of the Field? 4 Position Papers

Question Six:  How Connected Is Black Studies to Communities?  How Central Is Participatory Action Research, Community Involvement, and Social Activism to the Field?  2 Position Papers

Question Seven:  What Represents “Best Practices” in the Field in Terms of Both Program Administration and Pedagogy, and What is the Best Way to Disseminate Them?  The Role of Technology is included in the responses.  2 Position Papers

Question Eight:  What Role Can Chief Administrators Play in Sustaining Black Studies?  3 Position Papers

Question Nine:  What Will It Take to Establish Intergenerational Leadership Succession in the Field of Black Studies?  3 Position Papers

Concluding Perspectives:  Afro-Peruvian Reflections

Concluding Reflections:  Phoenix Rising:  Black Studies is Here to Stay

Addendum:  A New Direction:  Scholarship and the Emerging Scholar-Activist Paradign in Black Studies by Terry Kershaw

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